Frequently Answered Queries

Q. What is Query.Bz?
A. Query.Bz is a 100% free resource for the lookup of public records.

Q. Where is the data for queries obtained from?
A. The Query.Bz compendium of useful information is compiled from various internet resources including news, social, county, state, and federal sites.

Q. Do I need a membership to view all of the results on Query.Bz?
A. No. returns all results in our databases for free.

Q. What is the date beside record results returned from a query?
A. The date beside returned query results is either the date the record occurred, was databased, or the date of the query.

Q. Why are there marriage, death, and divorce record links?
A. The marriage, death, and divorce certificate search links are affiliate links and are not indicative of a marriage, divorce, or death. Click any of these links to search